SPT: Single particle tracking analysisΒΆ

This package provides a complete single particle tracking analysis workflow based on picasso_addon, picasso and trackpy python packages including:

  • Localization of raw movies based on picasso_addon (auto net-gradient) and picasso.localize
  • Autopicking of localization clusters (picasso_addon) and analysis of immobilized particles
  • Linking of localizations into trajectories using trackpy
  • Individual mean-square-displacement computation and linear iterative fitting
  • Subtrajectory analysis for estimation of underlying diffusion behavior
  • Easy to use script batch processing
SPT requires the following packages:
  • picasso : Localization and rendering of super-resolution images
  • picasso_addon : Further functionalities for picasso (auto net-gradient, autopick)

SPT was used for data analysis in: